Personal adjustment of the suspension is very important, the motorcycle or replacement suspension element usually comes with a basic setting which can be fine for the average rider of the prescribed weight. In practice, this often turns out not to be ideal and a modifying of the setup is the key to create more driving pleasure.
The basis starts with creating a balance. The dirt bike must have the correct springs and/or air pressure for your own weight, riding style and construction year of the motorcycle. This is the first and also the most important step to get the most out of the suspension travel of your vehicle. BUXUR has a large stock of different spirals and for that reason you’ll be serviced quickly and correctly to your personal belongings. You can always call for advice to determine the right balance for your bike!
Basic good?.. Then we can go into detail. The basic setting of the motorbike or updated suspension component are often created on surfaces that you’ll not discover by regular use. By applying the right modification and your personal preferences, there is a lot to be gained in terms of safety, comfort and driving pleasure and therefore directly on your performance. Due to the many references that BUXUR has in versatile different disciplines, the outcome of your personalized adjustment will directly benefit your performance. BUXUR offers warranty for every adjustment that is applied and will also support you in practice and ensure that you will always be satisfied! For example, the service van is on a circuit every week to serve you. Where the van will be, you’ll find out by following BUXUR Suspension on Instagram.

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