BUXUR is a specialist in adapting suspensions. The modifications can be applied in various ways and are usually different for each vehicle. Often these adjustments are applied to the original products that are placed in the component by default. In some cases, these parts do not sufficiently fulfill the requirements that BUXUR demands in order to get the best out of the damping system that BUXUR strives for. Often the relevant brands also have replacement alternatives in their range. These products often lead to the correct outcome. If that’s the case, a replacement product will have to be developed. BUXUR has the necessary experience and knowledge for this, and therefore produces several alternative products that show themselves very positively in practice. These newly developed products are constantly and extensively tested before final assembly and are checked in the meantime whether they still measure the correct tolerances and qualities that BUXUR strives for. By realizing these projects, no challenge is impossible anymore!


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