BUXUR provides the highest quality service available. By using professional tools and machines, proper maintenance can be provided to the front fork, steering dampers or rear shock absorbers. BUXUR only works with OEM parts, unless a replaceable product appears to work better after a critical investigation it will be allowed to be mounted. Long story short… only the best is good enough

How we work

What does service really mean nowadays? For BUXUR that is the full overhaul of your suspension unit. This total package should actually belong to the standard, just to get the most out of your suspension component, according to BUXUR. During this maintenance, ALL parts are cleaned, so that a good visual inspection can be carried out on all parts just to see if they’re still can do their job and work properly. Think of the usual run out parts, stressful parts, running surfaces and seals endure. Because of many years of experience, BUXUR is able to immediately determine which parts no longer meet the correct tolerances and therefore need to be replaced. The critical dimensions will be measured during this service so that the damping can continue to function optimally! It is advised to have it serviced every 30 to 40 hours when the motor is used intensely.


9 AM – 5 PM