In 2008 I’ve been started as a mechanic in a motocross team which was active at the Motocross World Championship. After working for several years as a dirt bike mechanic for various Japanese brands, I was attracted to jump deeper into the technology of the motocross bike and delve further into the geometry of these machines. I did not pass up on an offer from a specialized suspension company that wanted a personal addition to their racing department, that company formed me as a suspension specialist. By being involved in various projects, I have gained a lot of knowledge and have been able to be at the forefront of, among other things: factory material developments, aftersales refinements and production evolutions of the suspension components. But suspension is more than just the component, during this period I also delved deeper into the hanging and mounting of these parts: geometry of the chassis, linkage, pull-rod & swingarm. They also allowed me to give them my vision, finding and any improvement opinions, the subsequent adjustments have subsequently been used in various productions. After this department has left to Austria, I made the decision to not cover up this knowledge and skills, but process them in my sole proprietorship. This business is a breath of fresh air that blows through the aging suspension industry, and is full of motivation, very professional and competent with their customers, and makes them happy! This gives me the satisfaction and pleasure in what I love to do the most: Making the best suspension!

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