KaYaBa (KYB) is an suspension brand from Japan. This brand has only very high quality products with a very exclusive look. The tolerances of each part are so minimum that each part is perfect and identical. You will feel this perfection when riding this suspension. It’s comfortable, constant and safe. This replacement element can be supplied for street and off-road motorcycles of all sizes. BUXUR proudly carries the KYB dealership and has been awarded as a professional service location for these top products!


The elegant outer-tubes are the eye-catcher of your dirtbike, these tubes are hard anodized to prevent stone dents as much as possible. The 48mm black innertubes are made harder by using a DLC coating, gives less friction and is not sensitive to dents from stones. The nicely milled axle-clamps completes the fork, it’s made of hard aluminum to mill away excess material to save weight but still retain strength. The cartridge damping comes with a solid classic system that has been completely renewed and further developed over the years and can create a very large contrast of variations. For the amateur rider up to grand-prix level. 


This lightweight shock absorber has a unique clicker adjustment option with 3 functions. This allows you to fine-tune the “low speed” compression, “high speed” compression and the “ten” (rebound). The rock-solid 50mm piston is mounted on the 16mm spindle of the shock absorber, which is machined in black, this makes it together with the aluminum anodized mounting fork a great quality shock absorber. 


This cartridge is exactly the same as the “A-KIT” fork, and can be mounted in your current outer-work, hence you can easily turn an air fork or open cartridge fork into a superbly functioning and stable spring fork. The KYB cartridge features a compression reservoir spring and a 12.5mm rebound spindle enclosed in a 24mm cylinder. This kit replaces the current interior of both sides. It comes with the correct main springs and setting intended for you and with aluminum milled axle-clamps to finish it off.
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