FACTORY start-system rings for all types WP CONEVALVE 48mm front-forks

Have a great start of the season with a real factory look, you’ll steal the show before the starting gate has even drop.

The best solution for a launch-system that can be applied without creating any internal damage. The ‘start-ring’ (right) and the ‘normal ring’ (left) are having a new look with the same design as the factory riders from KTM, Husqvarna & GASGAS. Both rings can be purchased separately and there’s also have an option to be personalized with, for example, initials, riding-number, logo or full name. Also the colour can be adjusted as desired to make the appearance even more exclusive.


The ‘FACTORY Start ring’ is offered for €78.50

The ‘Normal FACTORY rings’ are offered for €52.50 each

SET PRICE Rings €115,-

These are the prices for the ‘bare caps’, o-ring, clip, protector rings, seal and dirt-scraper are not supplied as standard, the stated prices are include VAT.

The start buttons for this product will be available from next month, as well as the black protector rings. PRE-ORDER them now!

Complete start-button €50

Black protector rings €12.50 each.


Complete FACTORY SET PRICE: €150 (Start ring, normal ring, start button & 2x protector rings)

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These special parts are available through BUXUR, your own dealer or suspension tuner.

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