X-Trig ROCS are the low-friction triple clamps by means of the well thought-out fixing points. In this way the oval clamping of the outer leg has become nil. There are two different versions of this type of triple clamp, the “TECH” and the “PRO”. The TECH is in most cases delivered in the color of the motorcycle brand, in some models changing colors is possible. The TECH always has a fixed stem. The “PRO” version is the exclusive model of X-trig and is brown in color; with this type you can easily adjust the steering style of your motorcycle through the adjustable stem. You can also easily change the offset of the triple clamps. In addition, these triple clamps are stylish and add real value to your motorcycle.


By lowering the front of the bike at the starting grid. Your MX-bike will rise less quickly when accelerating, you don’t need to close the throttle, and it increases the chance of taking the holeshot. X-trig has two types of starting hooks, the standard variant and the “HiLo” “variant. With the “HiLo” “start button you can choose depth, the difference between high and low is 12mm. With this function you can easily make the difference between a hard surfaces or a deep sand track without having to change the front fork protector plastic.


Would you like to rapidly adjust the ride height of your shock absorbers? Would you like to have this facility available to you while on or next to the track? Having this capability is the most important step to create the right partnership with your bike. With this X-TRIG preload adjuster you can easily and quickly adjust the preload on your shock absorber spring using a T-bar 8mm wrench. Without any effort to the millimeter. It is also a beautiful piece of aluminum which eventually brings the shock absorber to the next level.


The handlebar mounts are available for purchase separately from the X-TRIG STREERING CLAMPS. There are 3 different types: FIX, FLEX and PHDS. All three versions can be raised or lowered with different thicknesses of aluminum attachments. The FIX is the simple but very solid version that is fixed to the triple clamp. The FLEX system is new to the X-trig family. The FLEX is a mounting that is damped by rubber edges around the mounting on the triple clamp. This damping is located underneath the handlebars. The PHDS system also provides damping to the handlebars, however, this rubber damping is located in the cam of the handlebar mounting. Like the FLEX system, these rubbers can be supplied in different degrees of firmness, so that these materials can be varied widely. All these types of control blocks are available for production triple clamps and all types of X-Trig triple clamps.


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