about BUXUR

BUXUR is the reNEWed suspension specialty store of Maurice van den Broek. He offers you the highest quality service provided to suspension components of various off road disciplines. With a professional approach and the highest quality products, maintenance is carried out on the suspension elements.  BUXUR specializes in modifications of suspension products, and creates the perfect adjustment for every single rider, always striving for SAFETY and COMFORT so that the customer is always satisfied!

Rebuild kit for WP shock absorber

BUXUR has developed a rebuild kit to convert your WP ‘XACT PRO’ shock absorber from model years 2020, 2021 & 2022 for the updated KTM and HUSQVARNA 2023 models.

As we know, the 2023 chassis of the KTM and Huqvarna have been completely renewed compared to previous years. The geometry has been changed in such a way that the shock absorber length has also been shortened by tens of millimeters and the design has also been changed. This means that the beautiful WP XACT PRO shock absorbers of previous models no longer fit directly.


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