The quirky homegrown shock absorber with amazingly beautiful turning and milling work and brilliant options with fascinating techniques. The purple shock absorber is known all over the world, especially in three and four-wheeler sports. The origins of REIGER lies with motocross, they did not let go this passion and this is reflected in its unique shock absorbers and front forks, where development never stops. 100% Dutch craftsmanship! BUXUR is a proud service point of REIGER. You’re welcome for maintenance of all kinds of these brilliant REIGER products.


The shock absorber has many extra options compared to a standard product. For example, the ‘’exclusive’’ version of the damper has a unique temperature sensor that responds to the damping in proportion to the temperature of the shock absorber. The compression damping can be very precisely adjusted by means of 4 different settings. As a result, the set range is immense and you will always be able to find the correct adjustment. The shock absorber has a 46mm aluminum piston as well as a 16mm spindle. Everything is 100% Dutch manufactured which signals high quality! The REIGER SHOCK ABSORBER is available for every model and motorcycle brand. These elite shock absorbers excel with the youngsters among us in the 50cc, 65cc and 85cc classes specifically. For the 50cc and 65cc, the master cylinder (tube) contains a 36mm diameter paired with a 12mm spindle.


REIGER provides extended axle-clamps to change the fork length. The axle adapters are tightly milled from high-quality aluminum and beautifully finished by the hard anodizing layer. This option results in better balancing of the bike, especially on the deep sand tracks. The longer fork makes it easier to lift over the deep holes. This option is only available for the 65cc and 85cc bikes.


This system has been developed to turn an air fork into a spring fork. With the 48mm forks, this insert is placed on the side where the air system is now located. Due to the nature of the spring, your fork will respond more gently without affecting the original damping. The preload of this spring can be easily adjusted from the outside, with the aim of always being able to determine the correct ride height on the track. REIGER has a complete replacement interior for the 50cc, 65cc and 85cc dirt bikes. These replacement interiors are supplied with the correct springs and oil, with or without mounting. With these cartridges, there will never be any doubt about the correct air pressure or a negative reaction of the suspension. Thanks to years of experience and consumer feedback, REIGER has managed to find the perfect adjustment.

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