BUXUR is the WP expert! After years of tinkering, developing and modifying this material, they know every single part inside and out. Because of this experience, BUXUR gets every single customer satisfied, from hobby rider till professional.


The WP XACT PRO 7548 is a cone-valve fork, a unique damping system created and further developed by WP. A conical valve with a spring on the cartridge mainly creates her damping. There can be plenty of variation with this system, due to the reservoir spring that is mounted on top of the cartridge. The hardware is equipped with a 12mm rebound spindle. What’s unique about this fork is that the main spring can be adjusted from the exterior in order to adjust the ride height. The seals of the fork are built inside a seal-holder that is mounted separately on the outer leg. This gives a playful color combination to the outside appeal. The steel chrome 48mm inner-tubes and the aluminum milled axle mounting make the fork an overall beauty. For the youth on the 65cc dirt bikes, there is also a special front fork available: WP XACT PRO 7535 an open cartridge system with spirals that are adjustable from the exterior by means of the spring preload system. New to the WP family is the 85cc cone valve fork, XACT PRO 7543. This is a closed cartridge system without the spring preload option, but with the well known “WP Cone Valve system”. It has beautiful, red detachable seal-retainers connecting to the outer leg. All forks are personalized, adjusted and delivered according to the weight, level and discipline of the rider.


The WP XACT PRO 8950 with TXN is a “TRAX shock absorber” and a real eyecatcher! The gas reservoir and top have been milled from one piece, making the item seamless. This reservoir is equipped with a “bladder” or “membrane”, which ensures less friction, resulting in the retention of damping and the temperature in the shock absorber remaining low. There is a wide range to fine-tune the compression damping due to the 2 separate adjustment knobs. Unique to this shock absorber is the rebound system (WP TRAX). Due to oil displacement and an internal opening being released at high speeds, this extra option will ensure that the rear wheel connects to the ground quicker. The 50mm tube contains a top-out spring that is guided over the 18mm spindle, to give more comfort over the smaller bumps. For the 50cc and 65cc bikes there is the XACT PRO 7736 shock absorber. These are not lined with the WP TRAX system, yet still have a stunning overall appearance. The 85cc shock absorber XACT PRO 8946 comes with WP’s special rebound system and has the same fresh color composition as the SUPERTRAX shock absorber (TXN).


WP also offers the option to install a closed cartridge system in your current fork. This means that you can turn an air fork or open cartridge fork into a well-functioning suspension fork with constant damping. The advantage of these inserts is that the damping is the same on both sides (Dual cartridge). One side of the WP AER48 is equipped with an air cartridge. This determines the correct ride height of the motorbike by using the right air pressure in the system. The other side is equipped with a cartridge that determines the damping. The damping cartridge has a powerful suppression and must manage the damping for both front legs. The same principle applies to the WP XPLOR forks. One side serves as compression while the other side serves as rebound. Internally the 2 differ. The range of damping is many times higher with the dual cartridge system due to the adjustment being determined by 2 cartridges. What’s unique about the WP XPLOR PRO 6500 cartridge is that the main spring can be adjusted from the exterior. This enables adjustment to the ride height with the same technique and appearance as the WP XACT PRO 7548 front fork.
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